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Worldwide Communications

T1, E1 or VoIP to our IP Telephony

Access to the Worldwide Communications Network infrastructure in New York is available via T1, E1 or VoIP interfaces to our IP Telephony Switch. This fully redundant switch either switches E1 or converts T1 or VoIP input to E1 with SS7/C7 signaling for transport. The E1 output of our switch is fed into a redundant STM-1 multiplexer, where it is handed off to our redundant STM-1 transatlantic facilities. To ensure safe transport we use two different cables whose landing points are 50 miles apart. The transatlantic cables are, on average, 100 miles apart. The facilities come together again in Frankfurt, Germany where they are interfaced to our redundant STM-1 multiplexer and broken into individual E1s. These E1s feed into our class 5 PBX in Frankfurt, where they are forwarded to the public switched telephone network for termination.

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